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Abstract:- All the unreachable section of society is always in thepriority of our nation and several attempts were made, is being made by theGovernments. But there are many barriers in the development of these peoples.The society is trying to overcome all these problems by providing equalopportunities to them in the form of Inclusion. Inclusive Education isn’t foreign word in Indian Education system. Ithelps individual for meaningful involvement and equal access to opportunity. Itworks on the certain principles to meet the objectives of all-arounddevelopment by protecting the rights of every individual.  There have been many framed policies, whichgive suggestion about Inclusive Education. This is the time where we not onlytalk about their requirements as a learner, but give them their rights. Here,we will discuss what provisions have been already made and Implementation ofall the new ones for achieving the goal of free and compulsory education forall.

Keywords:-Inclusive Education, EFA, RTE,Differently-abled, SEDGs.

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