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Abstract:- In this project, Arduino uses soil moisture sensor and L293D module to water plants and automate soil moisture sensing. This idea is one type of automatic irrigation system that senses the moisture content of the soil and automatically switches the pump when the power is on. The correct use of agricultural robots is necessary, because the main reason is that the lack of rain water leads to insufficient land reserve water, and the large amount of water use leads to a lot of water wastage. India is a big agricultural country. In the past, the Indian people relied entirely on farming. Agriculture is a backbone of employment of Indians and has huge impact on the economy of the country. Watering plants in arid areas becomes difficult, so automatic watering of plants is required and remote processing by farmers is required.The aim of the implementation of this is to reduce water usage and automatic watering to plants can be used to save time of farmers The aim of the implementation this project was to show that the automatic watering to plant can be using to reduce use of water as well as to save your time

Keywords: - Automatic Watering System, Arduino board, sensors, relay, motor, Internet of things

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