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Abstract:- The cancer detection isdoing with the aid of the skilled expert docs and earlier tiers it may behelpful. The opportunity of human error must be there. It produces theprobability of error in the lung cancer detection which necessitate anautomatic manner. Afterwards, the paperaims at early detection of cancerthrough an automatic procedure to decrease human error and making the systemgreater accurate and error free. In this system we use digital image processingand machine learning algorithm to discover the tumor in the images. Speciallythere are steps detection manner is performed one is digital image processingand other is machine learning algorithm. In digital image processing imageacquisition, grey scale conversion, noise reduction, binarization of picture,segmentation, characteristic extraction, machine studying and the remainingstep is most cancers mobile identification. In second step machine learning setof rules this is C 4.5 is used.

Keywords—Feature Extraction, AdaptiveThresholding, Matching, Multi-Label Classification, CT (computed Tomography),Image Processing (Canny Edge Detection), Machine Learning C4.5 RDMS

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