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Abstract:-Intrusion detection System software is for looking over the lab system.  This software consist of form where you have to give correct username and password forlogin with administrator and after that admin can access the information ofusers who have logged in same system early. It also contain not only option for other user who can create his ownaccount, if he is logging in  first timebut also by using previous username and password.  This software based access system normallyapplies for the security application.

Thissoftware uses the ‘system files (S.F)’ for locking windows desktop and taskmanager. If you are logging in with administrator then you have all privilegesto access system and if you are logging in with other user then you can accessonly normal application programs.  Here,we are making a security to the ‘Personal Computers (P.C).’ And make systemdata   available to only to theauthenticated users.

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