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Abstract:-Here we are creating the data logger. Monitoring the environmental problem.Environment pollution is one among the core problems which is hampering thenatural inhabitants. The most common examples of environment pollutions aremassive emissions of Carbon-dioxide (CO2) gas, smoke from chimneys, SO WE AREIMPLEMENTING THE PROJECT WHICH LIKE ENVIRONMENT MONITORING SYSTEM WITHAUTOMATION. Human can’t imagine their life without technology in this modernera. Various sorts of technologies help people to measure their life withluxury. The cattle industry is an integral a part of the planet economy.Additional benefit scan be realized from this class of technology, such as theability to identify the presence of disease early and thereby prevent itsspread. environmental parameters such as temperature, humidity. In this systemArduino UNO microcontroller is used to sense the various and environmentalparameters.

Keyword-Pollution, Environmentmonitoring system, Automation

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