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Abstract:- Our Paper involves the studentattendance and faculty attendance. The student attendance is marked by facerecognition. For face detection and face recognition the raspberry pi. If thecamera is connected to Raspberry pi USB port then only images will capture ofthe students who are available in the class for face detection. The capturedimages recognises with stored images then in that images we will recognize thefaces of every student and according to that attendance will be given to thatsubject class. This process is carried out for every class and students aregiven attendance accordingly. Faculty attendance is monitored with thisproject. A unique RFID card is given to the faculty, when faculty enters theclassroom swipes the RFID card attendance will be marked with date and time.ESP8266 is used along with OLED to display the faculty attendance. We can markthe attendance at any time without any human Intervention.

Keywords: Student Attendance, Raspberry Pi,Camera, Face Detection, Face Recognition, Image Processing, Open CV, Python,Faculty Attendance, ESP8266,OLED

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