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Abstract:-The period of technological progress is the 21st century. An estimate by Ciscosays that in the 21st century, more than 50 billion devices will be connectedto the internet. The Internet of Things plays the most significant role in developing India. The systems usedfor safety and quality of life are associated, and the city is surrounded byvehicles and infrastructure. In the government's function to provide the smartsolution, device integrators, network operators and technologies provide theseare used. The solution is difficult to produce on standard- based communicationplatforms. Hence, we proposed solution for a smart waste collection managementbased on providing, IoT sensor prototype. This will cause things to become"SMART" and impact people's lives. Data can be read, collect andtransmit large amount of data over the Internet. As the technologicaladvancement increases in urbanization, industrialization and populationgovernments across the global will need to device sustainable developmentplans. In recent years the and government are investing huge sums of moneytowards establishing smarter cities because notion of Smart City has beentrending across the global. A Smart Waste Management System makes a smart citycomplete. In this project, we will use sensors and other components to make asmart dustbin that helps to make India clean and green and also helps to reducethe diseases caused by waste.

Keywords - IOT, NodeMCU, RTC, Ultrasonic Sensor, Wi-Fi,Power supply, Load sensor, Solar Panel.

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