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Abstract:- In fast moving world,novel technology enables machine to perform hard work rather than humans. Inthese times there is a rise in the proportion of career women, duly they haveno time to measure the level of grocery and to catalogue the groceries forshopping. To overcome this crisis a desirable research using IOT technologybased grocery level indicator for household application is initiated . Theincorporation of Arduino nano board , node MCU , , ultrasonic non contactsensors which are hooked up with the android application. This paper investigatedon advanced grocery level indicating system using IOT technology. This systemis undoubtedly essential for the career women and the oldsters. The motto ofthis research paper is to diminish the time spent for making grocery catalogueand to bring to mind all necessary groceries during shopping that could also beimplemented in upcoming smart kitchen. This could be made possible through IOT,this technology facilitates interconnection of networks to bring to the worldthis digitalized device. This research paper will be useful for upcomingresearchers on building up IOT based level indication system.

Keywords: IOT,Grocery Level Indicator, SMS Allotting System, Arduino nano, in builttechnology.

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