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Abstract:-Operating with regards to the goal of consuming energy and creating lookforplants and chemical and mechanical devices.The warmth transfer improvementisthe one of the key factors within the style of warmth exchangers. During thismethod, while not the appliance of external power, we will enhance the rate oftransfer by modifying and contributing the volute tubes, extended surface, orswirl flow devices. volute tube device finds applications in automobile,aerospace, power station, and food industries thanks to sure blessings likecompact structure, larger heat transfer area, and improved heat transfercapability. during this paper numerical study of a volute coil, thetube-in-tube device is completed for various boundary conditions, and optimizedcondition of warmth transfer is distinguished various D/d magnitude relation.The flow model with a counter-flow device is taken into account for analysisfunctions. The impact of the D/d magnitude relation on heat transfer rate andpumping power is distinguished various boundary conditions. The D/d magnituderelation is varied from ten to thirty with Associate in Nursing interval offive. Nusselt range, friction issue, pumping power needed, and log meantemperature difference, LMTDvariation of inner fluid regarding Reynoldsrange was distinguished for various D/d ratios. The optimized Reynolds rangefor minimum power loss&optimum heat transfer will distinguish by theintersection of graph strategies. After the effect of fluid flow, the wholebehaviour is captured, fluid flow within the tube. With will increase in D/d magnituderelation (inverse of curvature ratio) the Nusselt range can decrease and alsothe outer wall condition doesn't have any vital impact on the inner Nusseltrange. The Darcy friction issue decreases with increase in Reynolds range. ThePumping power will increase with a rise in Reynolds range for all theconditions of D/d magnitude relation and every one the boundary conditions. Logmean temperature distinction (LMTD) will increase at a gradual rate with a risein Reynolds range. The improvement purpose between letter and f regarding Re;shifts toward the lower Reynolds range with a rise in D/d magnitude relation.

KEYWORDS:D/d magnitude relation,Nusselt range, friction issue, LMTD, pumping power.

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