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Abstract:-Geo Polymer Concrete is created without bond as a cover. The base material,viz. fly powder, is enacted by antacid answer for create the fastener which iswealthy in Silica (Si) and Aluminum (Al). Geo Polymer Concrete has greatquality and appearance like ordinary cement produced using the Portland bond.From the survey of accessible writing it is seen that there is no legitimateplan system for Geo Polymer Concrete. With the conventional data accessible onGeo Polymers, a thorough experimentation strategy was received to build up aprocedure of assembling fly powder based Geo Polymer Concrete.The antacidfluids utilized in this examination for the polymerization are the arrangementsof Sodium hydroxide (NaOH) and sodium silicate (Na2SiO3). The molarity ofsodium hydroxide arrangement is settled as 12.

InIndia, normal stream sand (fine total) is customarily utilized in cement. Inany case, developing natural limitations to the abuse of sand from waterwaybeds is prompting research for usage of an elective material for fine totals inthe development business. This paper explores about utilizing quarry stoneresidue as a fine total substitution material, as an option in geo-polymerconcrete. This examination work is concerned with exploratory examination onquality of geo-polymer cement and discovering ideal level of substitution bysupplanting fine totals from 0% to100%. Concrete blends were delivered, triedand thought about as far as functionality and quality with the regulargeo-polymer concrete. Encompassing restoring strategy was favored in thisexamination work. Tests were completed to assess the mechanical properties at7, 14 and 28 days.

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