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ISSN (Online) 2456 - 0774

Android Based Health CareMonitoring System


Health monitoring system plays a vital role in theoverall development of the physiological as well as social well being of thesociety. Observance of prevention in the area of health has a significant impacton economic productivity and most importantly on quality of life of the commonpeople and hence it is very essential to focus on the topic. Health parametersof a patient are being monitored continuously globally but monitoring is doneunder the observance of the health service provider. This paper discuses amonitoring system in which the vital health parameters such as temperature,SpO2, ECG, heartbeat, blood pressure and the body position of the patient canbe monitored continuously. This paper intends to provide information usingwireless network technology such as raspberry pi, wireless sensor networks(WSN), sensors. The gathered data from the sensors can be monitored remotely inreal time. The sensors will gather the data of the various body parameters andprovide it to the ARM controller. The collected data will then be wirelesslytransmitted to web portal.

Keywords:-Health monitoring system, Androidsmartphone, biomedical sensors, GSM.

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