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Abstract: - Anomaly Activity is predicting the body part or joint locations of a person from an image or a video. This project will entail detecting suspicious human Activity from real-time CCTV footage using neural networks. Human Anomaly Activity is one of the key problems in computer vision that has been studied for more than 15 years. It is important because of the sheer number of applications which can benefit from Activity detection. For example, human pose estimation is used in applications including video surveillance, animal tracking and behavior understanding, sign language detection, advanced human-computer interaction, and marker less motion capturing. Low cost depth sensors have limitations like limited to indoor use, and their low resolution and noisy depth information make it difficult to estimate human poses from depth images. Hence, we plan to use neural networks to overcome these problems. Suspicious human activity recognition from surveillance video is an active research area of image processing and computer vision. Through the visual surveillance, human activities can be monitored in sensitive and public areas such as bus stations, railway stations, airports, banks, shopping malls, school and colleges, parking lots, roads, etc. to prevent terrorism, theft, accidents and illegal parking, vandalism, fighting, chain snatching, crime and other suspicious activities. . It is very difficult to watch public places continuously, therefore an intelligent video surveillance is required that can monitor the human activities in real-time and categorize them as usual and unusual activities; and can generate an alert.

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