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Abstract: - The building design is getting more perplexing,concentrated, and divided, as an expanding number of experts from different ordersare needed to work together on a building project. The guidelines are gettinghigher as far as quality improvement, squander decrease, and cost streamlining.Also, ultimately, building designers are always expected to accomplish morewith less. However, AEC's most forward-thinking companies use virtual reality,augmented reality, and ground-breaking immersive mixed reality to transformdata (BIM) into virtual reality.

Handling occlusion among real and virtual objectsis a problematic issue in Augmented Reality (AR) applications. Off base and thewrong occlusion may confuse clients in clients' ways, which promptsnon-practical, what is more, non-vivid AR encounters. Even though there aresignificant exploration models and executions on this point, they commonlyexperience the ill effects of significant restrictions. For the mixed reality(MR) framework taking care of occlusion is an important attribute among virtualand real items. Presented strategies have ordinarily required known math of thephysical objects in the scene, either indicated genuinely or remade utilizing amapping algorithm. Because of this circumstances are restricted when they canbe applied. Present-day RGBD cameras are cheap and broadly accessible, yet thedepth data they give is commonly excessively uproarious and inadequate toutilize straightforwardly to give quality outcomes.

Keywords: Time of Flight (ToF), AEC (Architecture, Engineering, andConstruction), Occlusion, BIM (Building Information Modeling), Augmentedreality.

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