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Abstract:- Major structural collapses occur when a building is underthe action of Dynamic Loads which includes both Earthquake and Wind loads. Inthese modern days, most of the structures are involved with architectural importanceand it is highly impossible to plan with regular shapes. These irregularitiesare responsible for structural collapse of buildings under the action ofdynamic loads. Hence, extensive research is required for achieving ultimateperformance even with a poor configuration. In the present work, “Effect Of VerticalIrregularity In Multi-Storied Buildings Under Dynamic Loads Using Linear StaticAnalysis”, considering four types of 20- Storied 3-D frames (i.e., asymmetrical elevation configuration throughout its height and three other frameswith unsymmetrical vertical configuration starting from tenth floor, placed at corner,at the center and at edge of the plan respectively) it is focused to study theirresponse using Linear Static Analysis.

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