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Abstract: - In recent years, all of the activities of countries worldwide have been carried out digitally, and all information or data has been shared over the network, increasing the speed and efficiency of data. Nevertheless, this transformation of dataover the digital network poses a security risk, namely the loss of user data by third-party unauthorized persons or attackers. To preserve security, every user is given a unique identifier or password, but the attacker still robs the password using several techniques to avoid this risk, we use "honey words". For detecting password database breaches, we propose a system called the "Advanced Honey words System". The plan is to create several honey words, or false passwords, and store them alongside the real password. Because legitimate users are not required to recognize the honey words corresponding to their passwords, any login attempt with honey words is flagged as a password database compromise. Their concept includes honey word production, typo-safety measures to prevent false alarms, alarm policy upon detection, and checking the system's robustness against various attacks. If hackers trying to access user accounts and enter 3 times wrong password, the hacker will get decoy file, also for each incorrect password, a notification will go to the admin and user. This will provide security. For each wrong password, the user and admin get a notification.Keywords— Password, Honeywords, Password hash breach, Detection technique, Authentication, Securit

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