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Abstract: - The Risk analytics in supply chain has gained wide attention among the academia and the business community in the present competition world. The aim behind this paper is to investigate and analyze the main risk factor associated with the dairy industry along with the focus on the risk in supply chain of dairy products and how to mitigate those risk. In the context the research paper described the risk and uncertainties of a dairy food supply chain case in India. The study involves all the stakeholders in the system to identify the potential risk for the entire chain and strategies to address thesame. I mentioned the risk management process also to minimize the high risk and also mentioned the strategies at different level so as to increase the efficiency of the supply chain. The industry extend its business from rural area’s to customer in the urban areas through the some process like pasteurizations and transportation. The supply chain in the dairy industry gets disrupted many times due to various vulnerabilities in the operations. The study in this paper describes the various types of risks occurred in dairy industry and how to find the solutions for that risk. In the findings sections I will explain the major types of risks occurred in the dairy industry and findings the strategies to minimize the risk. Keywords: - Risk Management, Analytics, Dairy Industry etc 

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