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ISSN (Online) 2456 - 0774

Multi-LevelPrivacy-Preserving Patient Self-Controllable Algorithm Healthcare in Cloud 


Securepatients’ confidentiality and privacy preserving healthcare system is wellproposed which makes access control of the vital healthcare information of thepersonals using it in this case it is the patients. In order to solve thisproblem a scheme as PSMPA was proposed to take care about the data andinformation of the personnel. Patients can consent to physicians by setting anaccess tree sustaining flexible threshold predicates. This scheme will be usingDVS and ABE algorithms in order to realize security and privacy. This issupposed to be realized in a distributed environment. The basic aim of the schemeis to provide the access rights control in the hand of patients so that theycan manage their personnel healthcare information which can otherwise if seizedby intruders can be used for breach of privacy of the patient.

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