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ISSN (Online) 2456 - 0774

DOI : 10.51319/2456-0774.2021.5.0013


Abstract: - Wind tunnel testing determine wind loads on buildings and other structures. Wind tunnel tests are used to predict the wind loads and responses of a structure, structural components, and cladding to a variety of wind conditions. This Standard includes commentary that elaborates on the background and application of the requirements. Wind tunnel testing has long been a crucial part common to several introductory hydraulics and mechanics courses. The primary objective of this project is to style and fabricate mini construction that ought to be of low price and straightforward to use. The aim of this project is to offer educators and students an economical means that to demonstrate air flow over completely different objects employing an easy variety of construction. The basic plan of this mini construction is to possess an addictpull the air into the tunnel through a check section.Keywords: - Air foiled, Honeycombs, Dribbling unit, Tunnel, wind load, hydraulic and Mechanics

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