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Abstract: - Within the studies shows drop by atyre pressure a number of PSI may end up within the reduction of mileage, tirelife, safety, & vehicle performance, we've developed the automatedself-inflating t ire system ensures of tyre properly inflated in the least time.The proposes of style & with success implement its use to moveablecompressor that may offer air to all or any four tires via hoses & wheelspindle and wheel of every wheel is fastened by rotary joint. The rotary jointseffectively enable air to channel the tires while not the tangling of hoses. Therecent oil worth hikes & growing concern of environmental problems a systemaddresses potential improvement in mileage tyre wear reduction & increasein handling associate d tire performance in numerous conditions.

Now a days we have a tendency to see a several vehicle run on the roadthe scope of vehicle business it goes up the necessity of 2-wheel ,4 wheelassociate d alternative transport vehicle is simply too abundant however squaremeasure able to say that each good product comes with the disadvantage’s samelike that a vehicle having main element is wheel as a result of wheel isprovides accretion and speed therefore we have a tendency to determine to forma project on motor vehicle AIR filling machine there are solely 2 style of airfiling machine one is direct compress air filling by victimisation mechanicaldevice or hand operated impotence air filing machine (hand pump) our project iscompletely base on motor vehicle air filing machine however main drawback andour moto is to fill the air once vehicle run on the road .

Keywords: Rotary joint, Tire, Inflator, Frame, Battery, 12V DC motor, Pedestalbearing, Shaft, Chain drive Etc.

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