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Abstract: - Grand Prix Motorcycle Racing (MotoGP) refers to thesport class of motorcycle used in motorcycle racing events under governing bodyof FIM (Fédération Internationale de Motocyclisme). Motorcycles having power of260 bhp and that can go up to 355 kmph are used in this event. During highspeed-cornering, the motorcycle is subjected to extreme loads; hence everycomponent of motorcycle must be designed precisely and analysed in order toendure the extreme loading conditions. A swingarm allows connecting the rearwheel with the chassis which gives more space for rear suspension and whilepivoting vertically, it absorbs bumps coming on the road. The focus of thisresearch is to redesign a swingarm for MotoGP standard motorcycle byapplication of multiaxial forces and using manual Shape Optimization techniqueto reduce overall weight of the motorcycle. Since weight is the factor ofconsideration, Aluminium 7075 T6 material is selected for the swingarm as itsstructural rigidity and strength to weight ratio is most ideal for application.Structural analysis using ANSYS is performed on the model, to find stressconcentration for applied loads. Aim is to achieve good strength to weightratio.

Keywords: Swingarm, Racing Motorcycle, Shape Optimization, Multiaxial Loads,Suspension, Strength, Weight

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