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Abstract: - The traffic at road crossings/junctions is controlled by using switching on/off red, green, yellow in a particular sequence. The Smart Traffic Light Controller (TLC) is designed to generate a specific sequence of digital data called switching sequences that can be used to control the traffic lights of a typical four roads junction in a fixed sequence. The normal function of traffic lights requires sophisticated control and coordination to ensure the traffic moves as smoothly and safely as possible and that pedestrians are protected when they cross the road. The main purpose of the traffic light control system is to control the congestion of vehicles at the junctions and also for safer pedestrian crossing. There have been many technologies used for implementing a traffic light controller all overthe world. It is also proposed to implement the day mode and night mode operations for a specific area according to the traffic density. The most critical among the consequences is the delay of emergency vehicles such as ambulances and police cars leading to the increased deaths on roads and substantial financial losses. To alleviate the impact of this response in smart cities while maintaining a minimal increase in congestion level around the route of emergency vehicles. This can be achieved with a Traffic Management System (TMS) capable of implementing changes to the road networks control and driving policies following an appropriate and well-tuned adaptation strategy. In this system, MATLAB software is used for image processing to determine the density of vehicles.Keywords: - Traffic Light Controller, MATLAB

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