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Invasion of Information Technology on Right toPrivacy:Indian Perspective


Abstract— Right to privacy is an intrinsic part ofhuman life and dignity. It is the innermost component of human right andestablished fundamental right. Present age is age of Technology. InformationTechnology connected with almost all aspect of human life. Technology is adouble edged sword on the one hand since it equipped the person to safeguardhis privacy and it intrudes the privacy cover one may have on the other hand.Privacy in technological driven world is difficult proposition.  In cyberspace privacy is a fiction ratherthan fact, since every act done in cyber space is being recorded electronicallyand can be retrieved as and when required. Beginning from Universal Declarationof Human Rights to till date there is no document of basic and inalienableright of man, which does not talk about right to life and right to privacy.Right to privacy thus lies in the core of and is integral to all rights. Indianconstitution does not provide right to privacy as a specific fundamental rightbut it is essential element of other fundamental right. Right to privacy is acomponent of right to life and personal liberty and thus a fundamental right.Information Technology Act, 2000 is a milestone in the path of securing theright to privacy in present technological world but not competent to protectthis important fundamental right.

Keywords- Rightto privacy, invasion, information technology, cyberspace, Human Rights,fundamental rights.

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