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ISSN (Online) 2456 - 0774

A Study on Behaviour of Silica Fume base Recycled AggregateConcrete


Thereis a dramatically increase in the Construction waste in the last decades which hasincreasing social and environmental concerns on the recycling. Due to largescale consumption of natural aggregates (NA) and the increased amount ofconstruction & demolition waste (C&DW) going to landfill sites causessignificant damage to the environment and causes serious problems. Recenttechnology has greatly improved the recycling process for waste concrete. Thepaper presents comparison of properties of natural and recycled aggregates andalso the effect of mineral admixture (Silica Fume) on behaviour of RecycledAggregate Concrete (RAC) of grade M 25. The experimental results of varioustests carried on recycled aggregate concrete (RAC) prepared with different amountof recycled coarse aggregate (RCA) are presented herein. The compressivestrength, flexural strength & split tensile strength along with modulus ofelasticity is studied at the age of 28 days. The results show that there isminor effect on strength with 40% recycled aggregates in concrete and later theflexural strength, compressive strength and split tensile strength of theconcrete goes on reducing as the recycled aggregate content increases. Thepaper focuses on the possibility of the use a normal structural concrete with acombination of recycled aggregate and Silica fume.

Keywords—C & D waste, Fly Ash, Recycled Aggregates, Recycled aggregateconcrete.

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