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Abstract: -The Power Quality measurement is developing in Industrial sector. For decades it was thought that power is poweryou have it or you don’t, but today it is becoming clearer that there are distinctions regarding the Consistency and Quality ofPower. . As a result many power quality monitoring options have emerged to meet the needs for PQ measurement and weconsider the needs and ideal state of this Practice.The main purpose of this paper, is to provide information not just data. To solve power quality problem and provide safe energy,we are going to develop proactive power quality monitoring system from which it will be easy to monitor all parameter on regularbasis .So that it will helps to analyses the problem on prior basis and find regarding mitigation technique. So that it will makeindustrial system more reliable and spent more amount on their production due to which system become more productive.Our Designed system is a reliable, standard based and multifunctional power quality monitoring system which consist ClassAPower Quality, fault recording devices, software based monitoring system.Keywords: - Power Quality, PQ, harmonics, Power Quality monitoring system, safe energy, fault recording, Monitoring. Analyser

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