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Abstract: Industrial emergency response and disaster management wristband is a real-time cure for any type of industrial calamity caused due to sensor failure. This paper is about a microcontroller-based wireless wristband that can switch on or switch off devices by tripping off power coming to that device. This system is a combination of software and hardware. Nowadays all electrical devices in Industry controlled manually, but in the industry, there are so many electrical devices. Some of the industrial calamities happened because employees were not having control of machines or any other controlling tool so lots of time were wasted to reach sensor failure information to the control room and as a result, the small industrial accident turned into an industrial disaster. Also, To control all electrical devices we need a lot of " MANPOWER " and if manpower increases maintenance cost also increases which is one of the drawbacks of industries, So to avoid such type of drawback we should need some WIRELESS controlling systems, One of the wireless communication systems is RF (Radiofrequency) communication system, we are using RF communication because with the help of IR transmitter there is a problem of directivity and range of working, that problem is eliminated with RF transmission. RF has better directivity and frequency range.Keywords: - Industrial calamity, Sensor failure, RF communication, Wireless wristband

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