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Abstract The solar drying system uses solar energy to heat air and dry any food substance loaded, which is beneficial not only in that it reduces wastage of agricultural produce and aids in its preservation, but it also makes transportation of such dried produce simple and promotes people's health and welfare. The design and building of a residential passive solar food drier are presented in this work. The dryer is made up of a solar collector (air warmer) and a drying chamber with fruit and vegetable trays that are both connected. The air that enters via the air intake is heated in the solar collector and heaters before being used in the drying chamber (removing the moisture content from the food substance or agricultural produce loaded). The design was created using a hybrid method, which provides a more dependable approach for accurate design specifications. The container's iron body (painted), input and outlet fans (air ventilation system), mild steel metal sheet, and net trays for waste were all built with locally accessible materials.Keywords: Solar drying; Solar collector; Agriculture produce; Optimum temperature

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