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Abstract: This report details a student's design, manufacture, analysis, control, and testing operations for a motor-powered tiller for agricultural labour. We need to look at non-conventional energy sources to tackle these concerns with fossil fuels. In order to implement this concept, we created a solar-powered electrical tiller. The vehicle is meant to have two-wheel drive and may be utilised for shuttle service as well as short distance travel. All industries, including agriculture, are seeing fast expansion in the modern period. To meet the future food demands, the farmers have to implement the new techniques which will not affect the soil texture but will increase the overall crop production.Its primary goal is to minimise personnel, which is difficult to come by in today's market, as well as to shorten working hours. Because it has the potential to be significantly superior to the traditional methods of cultivating land using labour or a bull. One of the greatest roadblocks to increasing agricultural output is a lack of mechanisation or automation.Soil cultivation is one of the most time-consuming tasks in the garden, but it is also one of the most useful. Soil cultivation enhances the structure of the soil by reducing soil compaction and increasing aeration. This increases the amount of oxygen accessible to plant roots while also improving water drainage. It also allows plant roots to act more freely and reach deeper into the soil. I would report on the design, manufacture, analysis, control, and experimental work in this project, which is considered suitable engineering education.Keywords: Electric cultivator, Motor-powered tiller, Agricultural business, House gardening

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