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Abstract: For the chicken farmers, hatching the eggs in a big number is a problem to producing the chicks which incubate by hens manually. In this paper we develop the system of eggs smart incubator. The incubator system based on Arduino Uno can control the temperature, humidity, and rotate the eggs automatically. In addition, Internet of Things (IoT) system can help farmers to monitor the smart incubator from anywhere in the world. The eggs smart incubator be applied to hatching the eggs at Farm show the best result to hatching the quail eggs. The quail eggs successfully hatched 88.55%, 0.41% defective, 1.84% hatch but dead, and 9.20% not hatch by 490 eggs in 21th days of incubate periodKeywords: Eggs smart incubator, Microcontroller, Hatching eggs, IoT, Automatic control

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