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Abstract: The goal of this project is to construct a new hybrid cypher by combining the features of two existing cyphers: AES (Advanced Encryption Standard) and Rc4 (also known as ARC4). The qualities of both cyphers are explored, and a new cypher that combines the traits of both cyphers and is more secure than the original cyphers is produced. AES's major characteristics are its security and attack resistance, whereas Rc4's key feature is its speed. As a result, the newly created cypher inherits these characteristics. As a result, in terms of speed and security against most attacks, it exceeds the original AES. Three combination tactics, as well as the technique and its strengths and limitations, have been devised in order to construct a hybridised cypher. The third cypher, which is the major cypher, is the subject of this study. This encryption is also shown to be robust to the majority of attacks. This ensures the confidentiality and secrecy of the messages encrypted by it.Keywords: - Encryption Henon chaotic map RC4 , S-Box , security .

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