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Abstract: - The paper describes the performance and environmental analysis of a Self-chargeable electric bike. The main advantage of thisapproach consists of the E-bike having Self- rechargeable while running by using five techniques, Regeneration from Alternator- Bike Inertia reused to nullify load torque of an Alternator, regeneration from Advance Regenerative Breaking- Separately electrical Breaking system is used Along with mechanical breaking System Results improve regeneration efficiency, regeneration from Wind Power- Windage loss is compromised by converting kinetic energy into electrical, Regeneration from Solar- Internal Solar Modules mounted on bike body & External Solar Modules, Regeneration from Thermocouple- its minor generation only used for cooling fans supply at controller & Buck-boostconverter. In this E-bike Dual Battery system is implemented to improve Voltage Regulation of main Battery & improve performance, Reliability, Efficiency. Emergency Back-up Range is also providing at the time of main battery drain-out completely. The operational principleof purposed self-chargeable E-bike is practically analyzed and the performance is demonstrated and recordedKeywords: - E-Bike, Regeneration, Electrical Breaking, Dual Batteries, Buck-Boost convertor, Energy Transformation, Back-upRange

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