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Abstract: This report deals with the Delta Watershed Management and Urban Flood Control. It studies the effect of flooding and how to reduce flood effect. The basic premise of the room for the river is essentially to provide more space for the water body so that it can manage extraordinary high water level during floods. We can reduce flood plain by Deepening the summer bed, strengthening of dykes, relocation of dykes, reducing the height of the groynes, increasing the depth of the side channels and removing obstacles. A key aspect of the project is also to improve the surroundings of the river banks through fountains and panoramic decks. The landscapes are altered in a way that they turn into natural sponges which can accommodate excess water during floods. Due to the increase in flood size in India it is necessary to find out various method to reduce flood. As flood is a dangerous natural disasters which directly affected on human being. Therefore, there is a need to find method to reduce flood plain. In this project we adopted main two concepts: first Room for river and second one Sponge city concept (SPC). This two method gives exact result to reduce flood size. In Room for River we can increase the depth of side channels so that size of flood will be reduce. We also strengthen the dykes. In Sponge city concept indicates that a city could be functioned as a sponge that has great resilience to environmental changes and natural disasters. Keywords-Deeping summer bed, strengthening of dykes, Height of gyrones, Sponge city, LID, Evaluation of the effect

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