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Abstract: Nowadays, many industrial applications requires a reciprocating motion Including transportation, conveyor systems, actuators, material handling, pumping of liquid metal, and sliding door closers, etc. The rotary-to-reciprocatary converters with rotary motor are used to convert rotary motion into reciprocating motion. Instead of using rotarytoreciprocatary converters the Linear Induction is more advantageous has no gears and requires no rotary-tolinear converters. The reciprocating force is developed by reversing the phase sequence of Linear Induction Motor. The oscillations are inversely proportional to rate of Phase reversal.Because it provides thrust directly and has a simple structure, easy maintenance, rapid acceleration, and low cost, the Linear Induction Motor (LIM) is highly helpful in situations that require linear motion.A linear induction motor is a spinning squirrel cage induction motor that is opened flat ‘Axially' and then rolled ‘Radially.' Instead of generating rotating torque, a machine generates linear torque.In this project, Linear Induction Motors been designed, equivalent circuit model is studied in detail it is planned to construct a LIM to identify and study the different concepts and parameters of the motor which are different from other types of electrical machines 

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