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Abstract: The human face plays a vital role in the determination of a behavior and emotion in an individual organ. It takes alot of time to sort a music collection out manually and create an appropriate playlist based on unique emotional properties.Different algorithms have been suggested and implemented for automatic playlist building. However, existing approaches areslow to calculate, are less accurate and may even require extra equipment such as EEG or sensors. The suggested technique,based on extraction of face expression, creates a playlist, which reduces the time and labor necessary to manually render theprocess. The system will also have song-lyric recommendations as well as system-to-person queries like how did you go? Thisenables the suggested system to minimize the computing time necessary to create the results and the total cost of the intendedsystem, thereby increasing the overall accuracy of the systems. A built-in camera captures facial expressions. Calculates theaccuracy of systems for the recognition of emotions for real-time photographs. For overcrowded concerns to be addressedand user particular data to be recommended, incorporate a collaborative filter, content-based recommendation, usingsentiment-based music, sharing workload between high end servers and mobile low-end devices.Keywords: k-Nearest Neighbors (KNN); Convolution Neural Networks (CNN); JavaScript Object Notation (JSON); GaussianMixture Model (GMM).

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