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Abstract: As the number of vehicles grows, so does the difficulty of finding a suitable parking spot, particularly for cars. Thisindirectly leads to traffic congestion. This is due to the fact that current transportation infrastructure and parking facilitiesare incapable of accommodating a significant number of vehicles on the road. To alleviate the aforementioned problem, aSmart Parking Management System is proposed that helps users to automatically find a free parking space with a smalleramount. The proposed Smart Parking involves the use of an IR sensor, Arduino Uno, ESP8266-01 Wi-Fi Module, Cloudserver. IoT-based new parking platform enables to connect, analyze and automate data gathered from devices and executesmart parking possible. Smart parking would enable vehicle occupancy, monitoring, and managing of available parking spacein real-time that reducing environmental pollution.Keywords-- Smart parking system, Parking slots, Arduino, Sensor

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