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Abstract: - Most of the paper business or visiting cards have main problem of business advertising is related with sharecontact, location, product pictures, prices, etc. These problems are overcome with business websites. But new problemstarted, when any businessman starts he website he can use business related keywords or website domain. And they are veryexpensive. Other middle class businessman can’t afford the price. So they choose different domains. At this time user searchon Google or on other browser then it can’t show all websites. Also filtering data is very complicated. Many time user cannot find appropriate website. When businessman wants to share his own business card that time he has to use visiting cardhard copy. And it may be scratch, explosion, and forgotten. Another problem is printed business card result in a largeamount of paper waste produced annually. This many problems overcome in this project. Data sorting is a technique forreducing the amount of searching time an organization or individual person needs to find appropriate contact. In mostorganization, they are share to contact details with client where they use the paper vising card, mail or website system. Toavoid this searching, sharing, advertising business contacts and to maintain the profile up to date in the personal andbusiness life digital business card concept used. To protect the confidentiality of high profile user contact information whileidentifying duplication or fake card, the encryption, notification and allow or decline technique has been proposed to use thedigital business card. To better use the digital business card android application provide the easy to use, share, search usingsocial media like as business Whatsapp, call manager, Google meeting, Instagram profile, business location, paymenttransaction details or UPIs, website hosting, image gallery.Keywords: Data collection, data sorting, authorization, data security, privilege, credentials, web server storage, androidapplication.---------

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