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Abstract: People purchase a bicycle for transportation, recreation or for keeping themselves fit. Technology has been used tomanufacture smart bicycles, making the traditional bicycles inferior in terms of tracking various parameters. In order toovercome this, an IoT controller can be attached externally to a traditional bicycle making them smart! The system, which isbudget friendly, provides various functionalities which is aimed to be presented through this paper. A smart lock isincorporated in order to lock/unlock the bicycle. The Hall Effect sensor module is used to measure the distance travelled andthe calories burned through cycling is calculated using the algorithm devised. The bicycle’s location can be tracked, and thisis achieved using the GPS module which gives the real time positioning of the bicycle. Our system comes with an applicationwhich aims to provide the user a friendly interface in order to keep a track of the parameters like distance travelled, caloriesburned, real-time location of their bicycle. The ThingSpeak server is used as the cloud platform in order to store the data andto establish a communication between the Hardware and the Application.Keywords: Traditional and smart bicycle; IoT; Hall Effect sensor; GPS; calories burned; Cloud platform

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