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Abstract: The medical history of a patient is the data gotten by a doctor for the medical diagnostics of a patient. This dataincorporates current side effects, history of past disease, medicines, accessible information, flow prescriptions, family ancestry,and others. In light of this data the doctor finishes a medical diagnostics chain that incorporates demands for additionalinformation, determination, therapy, follow-up, and ultimately a report of therapy result. The developing number of issuesidentified with patient obliviousness and postponed wellbeing chances has set up a massive requirement for successfulrecognizability arrangement that goes about as a fundamental history the executives device guaranteeing sufficient finding of sideeffects in the patient. Patients regularly have rather complex medical accounts, and perception and this visual examination canoffer enormous advantages for route and prevailing upon this data. Here we present a framework where the patient is addressedas chain of squares that contains all medical issue of the at various times to fill in as a fast outline to the grilling doctor. Thepatient's body is addressed as an intricate body map that can be zoomed into for additional anatomical detail. The proposedarrangement centers around the usage of shrewd agreements to administer and control all associations and conclusion amongevery one of the members required inside the medical ecosystem. All exchanges are recorded and put away in the square chain'sunchanging record with connections to a decentralized document framework and accordingly giving to every one of the anundeniable degree of straightforwardness and detectability into the medical ecosystem of patient in a protected, trusted,dependable, and proficient way.Keywords: —Blockchain, double-spend attack, security, mining, proof-of-work, Security, Encryption.

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