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Abstract - The computation of the response of a structure subjected to earthquake stimulation is known as seismic analysis. Anearthquake is a natural occurrence that has the potential to cause the most structural damage. As a result, a building should be safefor people by using adequate design and detailing of structural parts to ensure that they are ductilein the event of a breakdown,keeping the structure safe from the seismic force of multi-storey working. Seismic investigationand planning are required forearthquake protection constructions. The purpose of seismic resistance building is tobuild structures that perform better than theirconventional counterparts during seismic activity. The seismic analysis anddesign of a G+9 RCC building are included in the projectreport. The applied dead and live loads, as well as the beam, column, slab, and footing designs, are obtained. Using the STAADPROsoftware, the entire structure was evaluated by this software. Nowadays, a variety of software is available, although STAAD-PRO isthe most often used for earthquake analysis and design, as well as for reviewing and studying thebehaviour of multi-storey buildingsusing Equivalent Static Method. As a result, it can be inferred that the staad pro package is suited for multi-storey structure design.KEYWORDS: Seismic Analysis, STAAD-Pro, BaseShear, Equivalent, Static Force, Seismic Resistance, Load Assignment,Earthquake behavior

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