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Abstract: The most common application of a signature is to verify an individual or a private document. All social, business, and business operations use signatures as a mark of identify. That the word signature verification is extremely important because it might be exploited and lead to losses. The signature could be a behavioural biometric property that comprises the signer's neuromotor characteristics (e.g., our brain and muscles, among other things, delineate the ways we tend to sign) as well as socio-cultural influences (e.g., the Western and Asian styles). Throughout history, consultants for the United Nations have created signature examinations to check the credibility of the sample backed by rhetorical analysis. Angle, categorical attributes, scalar measurements, alignment to the baseline, length of strokes, slant of strokes, shape, punctuation, order, text loops, character spacing, and other forensic possibilities for author identification were used throughout this investigation. These characteristics that aid in the examination of the signature verification largely aid in the identification of the author.For the purpose of experimentation and testing, a larger dataset is required for signature analysis. As a result, the signature datasets are taken for further investigation.Keywords: Signature, Verification, Support Vector Machine, Biometric, Analysis.

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