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Abstract: The widespread use of holding walls has led to a research of adequate, clean, quick and price new tower construction technologies. The utilisation of retaining walls among numerous technologies is very prospective with far less complexity. The concept and execution of sustainable wall to the strain exercised by the use of soil will be made easier. One of these paradigms nearer to the wall sustainability is the test completed and displayed in this paper. The notion of the layout, the modelling of the interconnecting architectural blocks and its application as a holding wall are examined in this article. Through ANSYS software, the strength characteristics of the structures are controlled. Likewise, it is noted that the use of the particular interconnecting architectural block no longer boosts electricity, but further minimises the amount of human efforts needed. These blocks can transition from one area to another without effort. This review has been completed for this interlocking generation of walls, and specifically for: a means of improving wall construction speed, the impacts of brick design on the correctness of the wall alignment and wall conduct (preceptor stress, deformation) and situation with side forces. This studycomprises of a calculation method of an interlocking wall formed of the precast blocks and the evaluation of RCC-walls for a few parameters of the design.Keyword: Retaining Walls, Precast Elements, Stability, ANSYS

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