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ISSN (Online) 2456 - 0774

Green Building


Abstract—Green building refers to both the structure and the process that areenvironmentally accountable and amenity efficient throughout the lifestyle of abuilding. The green building can be named as economical building which dealswith the ecological issues within or outside the building premises. The studyconsummates 40% to 50% energy saving is possible in green building.Refurbishing conventional building into a green building can increasesustainability, in order to reduce negative environmental impact, it is need ofan hour to use more sustainable materials which are ecofriendly and can lead abetter tomorrow. This paper provides an overview of the methods which can beundertaken very easily on the household level by conserving the rainwater. Italso gives information about the techniques that can be applied for theconversion of solar energy into an electrical energy on household basis.

Keywords: - Green building, rainwater harvesting, solar energy, photovoltaic cells.

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