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Abstract: - Print in India’ campaign in Indian is a current affair in the maker community. The actual 3D printing starts with an idea and thinking of the user, secondly, he has to think of material for his use of the printed 3D item. There is a limitation and also a vast variety of material available for 3D printing for the selection to match the requirement of user need one has to think and make a decision to select. These need for guidance that might be appropriate at an early stage of the design process, when the design is not yet defined, and creative approaches could be adopted to generate innovative solutions that more cost-effectively exploit AM capabilities This is a paper on study of 3D printing material and review paper on Low cost 3d printer for home use. Rapid prototype, additive manufacturing and other such technology and process all come under the umbrella of 3D printing. The power of 3D printing ideation and design of new product across all industries is really where the revolution is taking place and will continue to thrive. 3D printing creates a physical object based on digital model. Commonly it creates by adding, fusing or melting a raw material successively on layer by layer. Apart from 3D printer itself no specified tool are required to create any shape or form imaginable, fashionable, usable or designable.
Keywords: - Layer, Rapid prototyping, SDL, SLS, STL.

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