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Abstract: - Our initiative aims to optimise online access to government resources, reduce the cost of accessing them, streamline administrative procedures, boost time-scales and increase transparency and responsiveness. This Application allows e-services access to all government foundations.Many citizens are currently facing the dilemma of how to apply for pan cards, Udyog-Aadhar, passenger services, etc. In our project, we create a portal that enables the use of a website or smartphones to support both government programmes at your doorstep. The bulk of the Indian population is now a day young people who are technologically competent using smartphones, ipads, PCs. Right now, it is necessary because of the time restrictions that go online. We are here to help the public to move forward with our shift of skills in India. We are building a portal in our project to allow users to log in to our site, pick the alternative they needed once a feature is resolved and they can fill in the form and upload document and send it to the administrator. Admin can validate the document and bill for their services and continue. This programme customer can quickly access those government services for that programme.
Keywords: Pan Card, Driving Licence, Citizenship, Visa.

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